Frances M.A. Roe

  •  August 22, 1844. Born in Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York, (The initials M.A. -Marie Antoinette- are in honor of  mother’s deceased sister)
  • Parents: Mary Colton and Ralph Gilbert Mack.
    • Sibling: Colton Augustus (b:August 28, 1850 – D:ae. 9mos.)
      • Hounsfield, New York. 1850 Federal Census records  Frances [M] A. Mack age 6 years.
    • Watertown New York.  June 29, 1855 Federal Census records Francis A. [sic] Frances [M] A. age 10 years.
    • Primary education in Watertown, New York.
  • 1861. She attends Elmira Female College preparatory program. 
      • Three years at private school for languages, Elmira, NY.
    • Studies vocal music in Cincinnati, Ohio for two years. 
    • August 19, 1871. Marriage of Frances M.A. Mack and Second Lieutenant Fayette Washington Roe.  No children.
  • October 1871. Life as an officer’s wife begins at Fort Lyon, Colorado Territory. 
  • October 1909Army Letters From an Officer’s Wife, 1871 – 1888.  Published by D. Appleton.
      • September 1888. Roe details a visit to Brigham Young’s home and the Mormons of Salt Lake City, Utah. Note: Mack lineage ties to Joseph Smith in a  genealogy book.   
      • October 1888. Book entry about returning to Omaha, Nebraska, and then traveling back “East” for a long visit before joining Faye in Washington D.C. –  newspaper clippings verify her visit. 
      • Watercolorist. Army Letters… pg 382.  Newspaper clippings verify her watercolor renderings
    • **Additional information -Appleton’s Magazine Vo. XIII. June 1909, No. 6. Page 726. Excerpt preview of the book.
    • Retirement: Port Orange, on the Halifax River, Florida.
  • September 28, 1916.  Death of husband, Retired Captain Fayette Washington Roe. Captain Fayette W. Roe
  •  May 06, 1920. Death of Frances M.A. (Mack) Roe. 
      • Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.
      • Private section next to Fayette W. Roe. 
    • BURIED AT: SECTION 2., Civil War, SITE 1025.
  • Memberships:
      • Daughters of the American Revolution
      • Descendants of Colonial Governors
      • Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames of America
      • Society of Descendants of Colonial Governors
    • Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames of America