Meeting Jefferson Davis – Old West Point

Born near the shores of Lake Ontario, in the small town of Hounsfield New York, noteworthy not only for its strategic naval position of Sackett’s Harbor in the War of 1812; it’s also the birthplace of Frances Roe’s patriotism. And what she called “Americanism.” It ran deep in her blood. For Roe, the fourth of July flag-waving, apple pie eating,…

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“Where’s Frances?” Arlington National Cemetery Update

“It is the feeling of loneliness I mind here—of being lost and no one to search for me.”    Frances M.A. Roe.  Army Letters from an Officer’s Wife, 1871-1888. Soon after returning from Arlington National Cemetery, I couldn’t help but wonder “where’s Frances?” I dug out the Roe file which includes both Frances and Fayette’s…

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