Mrs. Rae’s Indians

Camp Supply, Indian Territory, May 1872 – January 1873 This place is quite dreadful as it has been represented to us. There are more troops here than at Fort Lyon, and of course the post is very much larger. There are two troops of colored cavalry, one of white cavalry, and three companies of infantry[…]…

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We are in the Heart of Indian Country

Cimarron Redoubt, Kansas, January 1873. Two or three days ago Powder-Face came to make a formal call upon the “White Chief.” […] He is an Indian of striking personality—is rather tall, with square, broad shoulders, and the poise of his head tells one at once that he is not an ordinary savage.   We must…

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Sandbag Castle on the Plains

Cimarron Redoubt, Kansas, January 1873. As soon as I heard of the order I announced that I was coming, but it was necessary to obtain the commanding officer’s permission first. This seemed rather hopeless for a time, the general declaring I would “die in such a hole,” where I could have no comforts, but he did…

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